Mailing the document becomes a whole lot easier when the file size is compressed to the lowest as possible.

Here is how to compress pdf offline with a very simple tool for free.

how to compress pdf file size without losing quality

Pdf compressor software is a free offline software to compress pdf offline. No matter what is the size of your pdf file, the tool will compress it to the possible compression. The software is easy to use.

Below are the steps to do it quickly and easily:

  • 1. Open your browser.
  • 2.In the address bar copy this link

  • 3. Once on the website look below, you will see an option “Download Mirror.” This will redirect you to the software download page and the downloading will start automatically. Save the software on your desired download location. This is the best software which will help you to compress pdf offline.
  • 4.Once download, start the installation process and let the options remain on their default.
  • 5. Once installed open the software from your desktop or start menu.
  • 6. Click the “Browse” option to select your desired pdf file which you want to compress.
  • 7. In the Output file tab below, click “save as” to select your resulted file location.
  • 8. Click “Compress” and wait for the process to be done.
  • Note: There are five options in the settings section below the output file option. The default option is best otherwise you can change according to your need.

How compress pdf file- online

The offline software is not available every time with us to compress pdf. Here is the online method to compress pdf.

How compress pdf file

  • 1. Open your preferred browser.
  • 2. In your address bar paste the link

  • 3. Click on “Select PDF files”.
  • Note: You can select from dropbox or drive also.

  • 4. Browse your pdf file which you want to compress and click open. The file will be uploaded automatically.
  • 5. Under the compression level head, there are three options from which you can choose according to your compression needs.
  • 6.After selecting the desired compression level click “Compress pdf” option.
  • 7. The file will start to compress. The required time depends upon your file size.
  • 8. Once uploaded click on “Download compressed pdf” to download the compressed file.
  • 9. Browse for the location you want to save the file and you are done.
  • Note: The online tool saves your recent compressed file for 1 hour. You are free to download the file within one hour.


There are lots of tools which can be used to compress pdf file offline or online. Above mentioned PDF compressor tool is a free tool to compress your desired pdf file offline. But there are times when we have no access to our system. In that case, the online method for compression is used. Cloud storage option like Dropbox and Google drive makes our work easy. Once uploaded over the cloud, you can access the files from anywhere.

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